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We perform textile printing activities for a varied clientele that includes sporting goods stores, industrial launderers, hardware stores, football clubs, and other businesses plying their trade within the sale, supply and/or use of logo and emblem-adorned textile products.

With potential manufacturing cycles of fewer than 24 hours, we offer manufacture and delivery to merchants and lessors who value efficient transactions and speedy procurement of sales products.

Explore our website to see how our products and services meet your needs and get in touch with us for an open and ambitious talk about how they can help you and your company.

A versatile product range that includes direct prints, embroideries, and various bespoke transfer solutions enables us to create almost any desired product configuration.

Would you prefer that we both manufacture and transfer the logo, or would you rather handle the transfer part yourself? You get what you want. Tell us about your needs and your expectations of us, and we will do our utmost to meet them.

Regardless of manufacturing method, cycle, and amount, we develop and manufacture your logos with diligence and care.

Limitless order size

From our production facilities in Viborg, Denmark, we handle nearly any order size. Six-digit print, transfer, and embroidery manufactures are routine for us.

When you purchase an Express 24 services package, we manufacture and slip your logos within 24.

1971 — An unassuming start

As companies are wont to do, we started under modest conditions. Three entrepreneurial friends by the names of John, Eddie, and Torben – our acronymous etymology hereby revealed – founded us in 1971 with the desire to manufacture textile prints for sports clothing.

1994 — A stable enterprise

About two and a half decades of modest but stable operation in John, Eddie, and Torben’s hands followed. We didn’t grow much but established ourselves as an ethical and reliable company to be trusted. In 1994, we became a one-woman company when Åse Mørk took the reins and with her strategies and operating results over the next four years managed us in a spirit similar to that of John, Eddie, and Torben.

1998 — A green son

In 1998, we again changed hands when Åses son, Claus, took over. In his younger days, Claus took employ with a horticultural establishment in Miami, Florida, to later become chief operator of Kjeldberg Maskinstation, a Jutlandic machinery contractor. His already then strong sense of environmental responsibility inspired him to want to help the farming community deliver fresh and healthy produce, his fundamental mode d’emploi eventually becoming generous utilization of minimally polluting, practically applicable technologies. When acquiring Jet Sport, he took this modus operandi with him.

2008 — A contrarian expansion

Solidly grounded in his principles of professional ethics and environmental responsibility, he continually strengthened our fundamentals and scaled us up. In 2008 – during the Great Recession that otherwise became the bane of so many ventures – he invested in a doubling of our manufacturing capacity, beginning a new era for us.

2010-12 — A new family era

Two years later, one of Claus’s sons, Nichlas, joined us, bringing with him his managerial intelligence and inexhaustible dedication. In 2012, we became a veritable family business when Claus´s other son, Alexander, joined us as well. The seed was thus sewn for a future generational transition of ownership that will ensure Jet Sport in the years ahead remains on stable, dedicated, and familiar hands.

Jet Sport bygning
FCM jersey with logos

We support the spirit of competition

One of the pleasures of being a textile print supplier is bringing people together in the rewarding spirit of competition. As long as people get together to play the team sports they love, we will be there to help facilitate it.

As long as businesses continue to create value by distinguishing themselves from the competition and marking their unique fortes, we will be there to help illuminate them. Productive cooperation between people is our our objective, our calling, our business.

Broderi af Peter Larsen Kaffe i maskine

We share your ambitions

A logo is a unique, graphic symbol of your affiliation. It is the emblem of your team. It denotes a pride in what you represent and are part of; of what you have created and continue to create. It follows that only the best is good enough for your apparel.
We understand that and set our ambitions accordingly.

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