Flexible products and services


Our manufacturing capacity and logistical structure enable us to create logos and emblems with highly variable use purposes and production cycles. Accordingly, we can satisfy almost any requisition and potentially manufacture and ship out within 24 hours of order placement.

Learn more about our individual products and services configurations below.

Water-based transfer

With its OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, Product class 1 certification, our water-based transfer is attestedly free of harmful substances such as phthalates, nickel, and lead.

Our water-based transfer grants the printed logo unique characteristics:

  • Extra softness and stretchiness.
  • Remarkable durability.
  • Ability to be dry-tumbled without loss of color clarity.
  • The printing method’s color absorption grants the clothing a smooth hand feel and makes it more resistant to ironing.

Plastisol transfer

Our plastisol transfer comes in a standard version, an industry version, and a ColorStop (non-bleed) version. The industry version allows for washing at higher temperatures than does the standard version, while the ColorStop version so efficiently minimizes color bleeding into surrounding areas it verges on perfection. This makes it highly suitable for e.g. softshell clothing, which is often vulnerable to color bleeding.

Flame-retardant transfer

Our flame-retardant transfer is a print that satisfies the minimum performance requirements set out in ISO 11612:2015. Flame-retardant transfers are primarily applied to work clothing used in environments where the user may be subjected to flames and other forms of radiant, convective, or contact heat.

Reflex transfer

Our reflex transfer equips the user with a degree of reflection when directly lit in dark surroundings. This print is often applied to uniforms and other work clothing intended for outdoor use, use in unlit environments, or use near moving vehicles. It is also frequently availed by cyclists, joggers, or hunters in need of increased visibility.

Digital transfer

A digital transfer is a newer transfer method that should often be the method of choice when working with relatively modest order amounts and when high-resolution images form the basis of the finished products. A digital transfer enhances the motif’s finer details and is typically well-suited for any background color and textile type.

Note that:

  • As relatively substantial material and labor resources are expended, a digital transfer is typically somewhat more expensive than other transfer methods.
  • To ensure legibility, a logo containing very small text will typically necessitate the addition of a keyline.
  • The minimum order amount for a digital transfer is 10 units.

Nylon transfer

Our nylon transfer is equipped with a water-resistant surface and applies to waterproof textiles such as rainwear and umbrellas.

Direct prints

Dependent on the desired end product, the direct print’s ample color covering and superior stretchiness should often make it the printing method of choice. Direct prints are apposite in e.g. the food and health care industry, where safety and hygiene demands necessitate logos that do not crumble and fall off.

Note that:

  • All our direct prints are plastisol prints.
  • A direct print order must be for at least 50 units.
  • Dependent on the order’s precise elements, the logo’s color amount must not exceed 12.


A transfer or a direct print should not always be the preferred choice. When the clothes need that extra tint of elegance and exclusivity, an embroidery is often the way to go. An embroidered logo features sharp colors that do not fade during washing and is sewn with durable polyester threads that withstand boil washing, maintaining their youthful intonation through most of the clothing’s shelf life.


Correct setting of the logo is vitally important. The logo may look all kinds of stunning, but if it’s emplaced incorrectly, the work will have been for nothing. By creating a meticulous proof prior to fitting, our graphic designers ensure the logo’s flawless emplacement on the target textile. The logo is reproduced on the desired item, and you receive a proof for your approval within 24 hours of order placement.

We inspect your delivery against the delivery note on the day of reception, contacting you immediately in case of discrepancies. Upon request, we are happy to ship to your customer on your behalf. That way, it will appear as though the delivery was shipped by you.

Combination product

Our product range includes direct prints, embroideries, and bespoke transfer solutions, enabling us to always offer you comprehensive services configurations. You can choose freely between the configuration where we both manufacture and transfer the logos and the one where we manufacture them, ship them to you, and you transfer them yourself.

When ordering a combination product, you can approve multiple logos simultaneously. If you e.g. are working on a shirt with four different logos, a combination product allows you to order all four logos at the same time.

Polyneon polyester thread

We employ Polyneon, a polyester thread specially developed for machine use and the apple of Madeira’s (the German embroidery company) eye, in all our embroidery consignments. The thread possesses peerless versatility and can be worked to feel and look like a variety of fiber types.

Polyneon’s sparkling colors are extraordinarily glossy and resistant to chlorine bleach and mildew, making the thread ideal for use on e.g. uniforms, safety clothing, and commercially applied linens.

Jet Sport påvarmnings håndtag

Jet Sport Haft

Our Jet Sport Haft grants improved pressing of transfer foils and textiles.

The haft’s negligible weight of 460 g makes it quick and easy to handle. Its antistatic features discharge the logos, permitting immediate post-heat transfer foil removal.

When used continually, the haft’s considerable maneuverability actively contributes to minimizing the risk of work-related injuries to shoulder and wrist.

The aluminum’s high thermic conductivity and low density quickly heat the metal, saving often tiresome wait times.



Acquiring the lucrative capacity to carry out your own in-house transfers is easier than you think. Should you be on the hunt for such an auspicious resource, Jet Sport’s JSV-001 stands ready to furnish you with significant operational flexibility and abate an appreciable quantum of your logistical concerns. Jet Sport’s JSV-001 transfer heat press stands out as a sophisticated combination of advanced technology and contemporary ergonomic thinking. The machine’s intelligent electronics are a result of targeted development that allows for agile integration of manufacturing processes and smooth setting of relevant parameters such as time and temperature. The digital display is highly user-friendly, facilitating effortless specification and adjustment of input variables, while the pneumatic cylinder’s automatic platen lift upon exhaustion of specified pressing time guarantees a homogeneous output.

JSV-001 is a quick and practical solution for pressing of e.g. work and sports clothing. Its innovative components and imaginative functionality minimize errors and maximize work process congruity, gifting your business improved flow and expanded operational scope. The thermic control system induces uniform heat distribution against the machine’s silicone pads, eliminating temperature-based hysteresis. Such a substantial degree of process and product consistency is of particular benefit to voluminous manufacturing and makes JSV-001 a highly reliable team player for the ambitious and selective manufacturer who believes second-rate fixed assets need not apply.



Jet Sports JSV-001 varmepresse er en sofistikeret kombination af avanceret teknologi og kontemporær ergonomisk tænkning. Maskinens intelligente elektronik er udviklet til agil udviklingsintegrering og hurtig indstilling af relevante parametre såsom tid og temperatur. Det digitale display er brugervenlig og tillader nem indtastning og justering af ønskede variabler, mens det pneumatiske cylinders automatiske trykstop garanterer kvalitetsbetonede og ensartede transfers. 

JSV-001 er en hurtig og praktisk løsning til påvarmning af eksempelvis arbejds- og sportstøj. Det termiske kontrolsystem udvirker eksakt varmedistribution på maskinens silikonebaserede bundplader og eliminerer temperaturbaseret hysterese, hvilket især begunstiger højvoluminøse produktioner. Maskinen efterlever alle nødvendige sikkerhedskrav og står klar til fra dag ét at være en pålidelig medspiller for den ambitiøse fabrikant, der kun er interesseret i de bedste anlægsaktiver til sin virksomhed.