Prints on clothes and other textiles


We don't just manufacture textile prints. We invigorate and empower brands.

Textile prints, transfers, and embroideries on clothing are walking ad signs for the company, club, and association. A simple t-shirt with print seen on the street may increase brand familiarity.

Whether you’re in the market for a logo to boost your or your customer’s brand or to meet the difficult demands of a particular work environment, we’ll find the best possible solution together.

Create logos in our webshop in accordance with your own or your customer’s ideas and place the order. We’ll manufacture your textile prints, transfers, and embroideries with care and ship them with speed.

With half a century of experience, we are among the industry’s most skilled textile printers. Our employees are a dynamic blend of industry veterans and young, talented graphic designers who together produce technically consummate logos and emblems.

Our short manufacturing cycles and unique flexibility set the industry standard and differentiate us from our competitors.

Guided by principles of duty and transparency, we work to give you needs-oriented, comprehensible, and – not least – speedy business experiences.

Webshop mockup

User-friendly webshop

Registering as a customer grants you access to the webshop, where you can design your own logos and send them to manufacture.

By listening to our customers, we have come to understand prevailing needs, skills, and user habits, and constructed an intuitive and user-friendly webshop that is unreservedly easy to use.

The features are readily comprehensible from their nomenclature, making child’s play of proof-designing and order placement. No high level of technical proficiency is required to navigate our webshop.

Textile prints, transfers, and embroideries

When employing the transfer method, a foil is first manufactured separately and then applied to the textile by a heat transfer press. You can design your own transfer in our webshop while getting any degree of assistance you need.

JSV-001 heat transfer pressing
Embroidery machine


An embroidery provides the clothing with that extra tint of elegance and exclusivity. The durable polyester thread’s crisp colors withstand boil washing, maintaining their youthful intonation through most of the textile’s shelf life.

Direct print

When employing the direct printing method, the colors are printed directly onto the textile, granting copious detail and color variation options. A direct print is a good choice for both natural and synthetic textiles.

Udvalg af direkte tryk t-shirts
GLS loading packages

Logistical services

In Goods Reception our staff performs same-day inspection of received textiles against the delivery note. When discrepancies between expected and actual deliveries occur, their cause is ascertained through quick and close communication with the customer.

Graphic services

Before the logo is submitted for manufacture, our graphic designers create a meticulous proof that ensures its precise placement and demonstrates how it will appear on the fabric.

Laptop ved siden af notesblok
JSV-001 heat transfer press


For the ambitious and selective manufacturer who believes second-rate fixed assets need not apply, we offer our advanced JSV-001 heat transfer press. Enabling voluminous transfer manufacture, it stands ready to be a reliable team player capable of pulling its own weight.